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Lin Zi Tong

A fellow of the Institute of Director, Mrs Lin has over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential real estate in Asia and the Far East. She is particularly familiar with the markets in China and South-East Asia having begun her career in the region. She is also highly experience in financial planning & control, risk assessment, contingency planning and resource management. Having worked in over 8 countries in Europe and Asia, Ms Low is familiar with business culture and other essential know-how required to be successful.


Professional Experience

ITA Investment
2000 - Present

Joined ITA an America based private investment firm. Held the role of Director During this period, identified a number of highly profitable opportunities. As a Director, led the company to new grounds by investing in countries like Thailand, Malaysia and China. Towards the end of 2002, the company has more than doubled in size and established itself as one of the most competitive private investment firm in the region.

EU Holding LLC
2003 - 2006

Held Position of Director & CFO. Responsible for all internal corporate administration and investment portfolio of the company. Oversaw major restructuring of the company investment portfolio and led its investment team in China. Left when the investment was completed at the end of 2006.

GFI Finance
2007 - 2008

Held position of Finance Director and was responsible for financial and investment planning. Part of a core of 3 senior directors that made investment decisions on company project management. Led a team of 12 on the largest investment made by the company in China. Left when the investment project was completed.

Global Fund Investment (UK) Limited
2009 - Present

Held the position of Managing Director responsible for Compliance & AML, internal corporate governance and investment direction. Appointed to lead a board of 3 directors in identifying and negotiating investments in China and the Far East Region. Successfully maintained growth of company in difficult times by identifying market niche.



Career Highlights

• Acquired and turned around distressed hotel chain in Thailand, achieving 30% return in 24 months.
• Successfully identified portfolio of leisure properties including Hotels, resorts and golf courses in the United States and transformed these properties into one of the best in the region with more than a 100% return within 5 years.
• Led a syndicate of investment bankers including representatives from Coutts & Co, Close private bank and a host of other high profile banks in an investment located in Beijing city centre. One of the largest of its kind during the time.
• Acquired and restructured several factories in Southern China to create a modern and competitive manufacturing unit specialising in poly-resin manufacturing.
• Lead and managed EU Holdings LLC throughout the project life cycle. Ensured successful completion of all invested projects.
• Led negotiation in cooperation with governments from China and Thailand for investment relating to complex large scale infrastructure developments.
• Co-founded Global Fund Investment (UK) Limited.
• Undertook community development project with Djibouti government to create over 5000 Units of low cost affordable homes for local population.
• Was invited to act as adviser for government of Djibouti in planning a development of offshore financial hub.
• Till date has managed over US$ 25 Billion worth of projects and has investment experience in over 10 countries around the globe.