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Lin Guan Zhi

Guan Zhi is a highly motivated and creative individual who is passionate about problem solving and their applications in the real world. Over the years, He has pursued careers in both academic research and business management, giving me comprehensive insights and experience. I thrive under pressure to deliver results.

Guan Zhi worked as a management consultant for various clients focused in the real estate sectors. During this time, he has worked on multiple IPOs and individual projects, the majority of which were based in the Asia Pacific region. He is experienced in preparing the documents for listing companies to secondary markets as well as setting up funds, but given the boutique nature of the firm, he also had the opportunity work in other areas such as business development and investor relations.

Academic wise, Guan Zhi gained a BSc in Biochemistry from Birmingham University, having graduated with first class honours. He then pursued a PhD from Imperial College, where his research on high throughput screening for anti-cancer genes resulted in two patents. Although both are science degrees, the critical thinking as well as data analysis skills acquired have been a great advantage to his professional career. Professionally, Guan Zhi has also gained a CISI certification for Financial Services Legal Framework, which supported his role as a management consultant.


Professional Experience
GD Capital
Management Consultant
Jan 2013 – Jul 2017

  • Consultancy services for business clients
  • Document preparation (business plans, proposals, marketing documents, pitch books, presentations, websites, offering documents / prospectus)
  • Worked on AML and KYC aspects of projects
  • Project analytics including market studies, predictions, pricing
  • General business development: lead generation, managing client relations, office setup
  • IT support: website development / updates, programming, general software development
  • Acted as primary liaison between internal stakeholders and clients

Jun 2007 – Dec 2012

  • High throughput screening for anti-cancer genes.
  • Project involves working with a custom robotic platform of which I built the software
  • Multi-disciplinary research covering assay development, software development, high throughput screen implementation, large dataset analysis
  • Strong transferable skills in data analysis and critical thinking
  • Managed group research grants and contract negotiation

May 2005

  • General administrative work, drafting reports, proposals, developing websites, designing marketing materials.


Academic Publications

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