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Lin Ding Jie

Mr Lin has nearly 45 years of business experience. Since starting out as a young entrepreneur, Mr Lin has gathered his expertise in the real estate sector. His instinct and ability to identify value has allow his business to grow and prosper. He has experience investing and financing real estate projects in countries all over the world including China, Malaysia, United States, Thailand, United Kingdom and Africa. Since taking the position of senior partner, Mr Lin have contributed greatly to the development and growth of the company.


Professional Experience

ITA Investment
2000 - Present

Co-founded ITA Investment, a privately held investment firm with interests spanning from the US to Asia. Established initial investment strategy and foundation. Spear headed aggressive expansion plan into China and South East Asia.

Global Fund Investment
2005 - Present

Founded Global Fund Investment. Grew the business into an international organisation with project investment in countries including China, Djibouti, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and Vietnam.

Global Fund Investment (UK) Limited
2009 - Present

Incorporated Global Fund Investment (UK), and established Global Fund Investment’s brand and presents in Europe. A separate subsidiary that specialises in UK and European investment opportunities. Led the company and a team of syndicators on various projects including acquisition of property near Heathrow, retail and holiday assets portfolio in countries including Spain, Italy, Portugal and the Baltic countries.

IGLO Investment Plc.

2011 – Present

Appointed partner and head of investment and risk management in the company. Responsible for restructuring entire group and leading charge to establish a present in the United Kingdom and other European countries.


Career Highlights

• Joined the family business of Watches and Jewellery at 16 and was in control of regional affairs by 18.
• Established a major music record distribution chain in South-East Asia. Brought Rod Steward into Singapore for first live concert.
• Established PT Procon Indah as a major competitor in the real estate industry in South-East Asia.
• Joined ITA Investment, private real estate investment firm and lead its expansion into Asia
• Established ITA as one of the most competitive and efficient investment firm in the region
• Founded Global Fund Investment and developed the company into an international investment firm with business interest in over 10 countries and across a wide range of industry including retail, residential, commercial, health care and public infrastructure.
• Led a syndication team including members of private bank such as Coutts and Close Bank investing in a large scale development in Beijing city centre.
• Cooperated with governments from China, Thailand and Djibouti on various infrastructure development
• Rebranded Global Fund Investment and developed its presents in UK and Europe under Global Fund Investment (UK).
• Till date has managed over US$ 30 Billion worth of project with an impeccable track record in Asia.